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So long as there are speed limits, there will be State Troopers with a radar guns. For this reason, radar detectors remain popular with even the most conservative drivers. However, it can be very difficult to find the best radar detector on the market for the amount of money you want to spend. These devices vary greatly in features and price. Units today can range anywhere from $35 to $500. Some of them work great and some of them are a complete waste of your money.

Warning: Regardless of price, many of the “so called” best radar detectors deliver a substandard performance. Many of them don’t stack up when it comes to countering police radar technology. Newer radar guns use a type of digital processing that makes them lighting-fast. They are also utilizing a low powered frequency called Ka band.  This weak signal and wide bandwidth makes speed traps difficult to detect. This is providing a huge headache for drivers the companies we trust to keep us ticket-free. Don’t act too fast on that ultra-cheap deal or splurge on a high-end device.  Check out the reviews below to decide which radar detector is the best for the money you wish to spend.

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Winner: Best Radar Detector

escort redline review

Escort Redline Radar Detector

The Redline is Escort’s crown jewel and my top rated radar detector on the market. It is the most advanced radar, laser and safety detector they have designed. That is saying a lot! It is able to detect radar frequencies from further away than any other windshield-mounted unit in existence.The Escort Redline has the capability to detect full X, K, and Ka bands. It also has front AND rear laser detection with dual antenna, VTO microwave receiver and digital signal processing.

To sum all of that up, this is one BAD ASS product. That is why it is my pick for the best radar detector in 2014! Click on the button below to check current prices and customer reviews.

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The Other Winner: Valentine1 Review

Valentine1 Radar Detector Review

If the Redline is #1, this is #1A

A list of the best radar detectors on the market could not be complete without reviewing the Valentine1. This unit could easily be ranked #1 depending on the preference of the driver. It is hands down one of the finest products you can get for your money. It may not have all of the bells and whistles of the Passport 9500ix. However, it does have many other advantages. Drivers love the red directional arrows that tell you where the threat is coming from. This conveniently lets you know if you are approaching the trap or have already passed it. As you can imagine, this is very useful information. At the time this article was published, none of the other top radar detectors are equipped with directional arrows.

The company that makes the V1 appreciates their customers. They allow you to send your unit in for an upgrade whenever new features are available. Some companies expect you to throw away your old unit and buy a new one!

This device may be a little more expensive than some of the reviews below. However, as the saying goes, you get exactly what you pay for. The will be getting the absolute top quality and protection.

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Reviewing the Best Radar Detector Under $400

PRO500 Radar Detector Review

Bel Pro PRO500 Radar Detector

The Beltronics Pro 500 is one of the best kept secrets among radar detectors.

Escort is actually a parent company of Beltronics. Most people do not realize that the Beltronics PRO500 is actually a cloned Escort Passport 9500ix. This is great news for the consumer looking to get the best radar detector for your money. There are very little differences between the Escort and Beltronics version except for the housing. The two even use the same power cord and accessories. Each are compatible with Escort Live. Connecting your device to the Escort Live app turns it into a fantastic speed trap avoidance system.

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Best on the Market for Under $300?

Best radar detector on the market under $300

Escort Passport 8500 x50 Radar Detector

It may seem like I am biased in my reviews. Perhaps I am. Escort just makes one heck of a product and the Passport 8500 X50 is the next in line.

(It guess it is important to note that I am in NO WAY affiliated with Escort. I am simply a fan of their quality and performance)

If you are looking for the best radar detector under $300 dollars, I dare you to find something on the market better than this. The Escort Passport is packed with excellent features and performance. It comes equipped with Pop radar detection as well as laser, X, K and Ka bands. It is also plug-and-play compatible with the ZR3 laser jamming system. Click on the button below to find out what other consumers are saying about this unit in their reviews.

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What is the Best Radar Detector for Your Money Under $200 Dollars?

top radar detector for your money under $200 dollars

Bel Pro Vector V955 Radar Detector

The Beltronics Pro – Vector V955 wins the award for the best radar detector under $200. It comes with an attractive price tag and includes features usually found on more expensive detectors. The Vector V955 doesn’t quite match the performance of the higher priced units on the market. However, it does include full X, K and Ka band detection. It is also equipped with safety warning system capability. It has 3 brightness levels, VG-2 immunity, digital signal processing and much more.

This detection device allows you to drive safely while saving a boat load of your money at the same time!

How about the Best Radar Detector Under $100* (*Asterisk*)

whistler pro-78se detection device

Whistler Pro 78se Radar Detector

*Note: I cannot review a top radar detector under $100 dollars because it would be a waste of your money. You would be better off saving that cash to pay off a speeding ticket. A device of that quality would only provide you with a false sense of security. 

However, if your budget will allow you to consider the Whistler Pro 78se, then we are back in business. This model retails for about $150-$160. Whistler’s Pro-78SE is an excellent radar detector that maximizes sensitivity and strives to minimize falsing. This compact detector has a Ka Max mode that gives users an improved Ka Band sensitivity. You’ll enjoy Whistlers patented “pop” mode and the 360-degree coverage it provides for all radar and laser bands. You will have a difficult time finding another radar detector on the market that provides this much value for your money.

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Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my reviews on the best radar detectors in 2014. Did you find this information to be useful? Please leave me a comment below or share this page on your favorite social network. Happy driving!!!


In case you missed it, this is the YouTube video I made about how much I love the Escort Redline =)

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