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Hello Friends,


Chipp Marshal here. I wanted to personally thank you for visiting my blog. Welcome to the “get started” page. I built this page specifically for you so you don’t have to filter though the entire website to find all of the “goodies”.


If you are new here, the best way to maximize the value of the site and get the true ChippTips experience is sign up for my newsletter. I’ll send all of my best tips, articles and reports right to your inbox. Don’t worry, I’ll NEVER send more than 1-2 emails per week. That will also give you email access to me if you have any questions.


Finally, I’d also like to give you a special report that I put together about gas mileage. Everyone needs to see this! For 3 years I commuted 124 miles (round trip) every single day to work. In that time, I discovered and tested some really cool tricks and techniques that cut my gas consumption by about 20%! Everyone that owns a car and spends money on gas owes it to themselves to read this information:


Here are some of my most popular articles to get your started:



Thanks again for taking the time to visit. I hope to see you soon!

Your Friend,

Chipp Marshal

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